Cardholder Dispute Resolution


for Issuers

Reduce Chargeback
Inventory and Lower Dispute Costs

CDRN™ Benefits for Issuers

  • Reduce small balance write-offs incurred in lieu of processing chargebacks.

  • Comprehensive coverage: Mitigates both fraud and non-fraud dispute reason codes.

  • Speeds resolution time to avoid additional expenses: Average resolution time of 24 hours stops subsequent billings that create even more chargebacks and lowers costs associated with resulting representments and card association fees.

  • Growing merchant network: With a triple digit growth supporting more than 15,000 merchant accounts, Verifi’s credibility, business development efforts and flexible integration options allow you to easily gain access to new merchants on our network.

  • Support your reputation and brand: CDRN manages disputes promptly to reduce cardholder dissatisfaction and potential loss in purchase volume.

  • Lower costs and regain resource time: Direct exchange of information and feedback loop between Issuers and Merchants. Disputes can be resolved with certainty before they become chargebacks.

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