Chargeback Recovery Revenue

Service (CBR) for Merchants

Recover Profits Lost to Fraudulent Chargebacks

Minimise the Impact of Chargebacks to Your Bottom Line

Increase Your Profits with Verifi’s Premier Chargeback Recovery Service

Verifi’s Premier Chargeback Revenue Recovery Service can assist in increasing your chargeback win rate. It can save you time and help recover lost profits that are rightfully yours without tying up your valuable internal resources.

Fast-Trak Set Up Option

  • See results fast, start reclaiming revenues in days
  • Get started with low IT involvement, and avoid set-up costs and technology hassles

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Take advantage of the following informational resources and dramatically reduce your chargeback volume and decrease operational expenses.

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CDRN for Issuers
Improve chargeback operations

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Order Insight for Issuers
Quickly resolve cardholder inquiries


CDRN for Merchants
Stop chargebacks


Order Insight for Merchants
Deflect disputes quickly

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