Order Insight for Merchants

Improve Your Sales and Eliminate Chargebacks

Current inefficiencies in process leads to a number of expensive problems

  • Loss of sales, goods and services
  • Unhappy customers/negative brand association
  • Increased fees, fines, penalties; risk of losing processing privileges

  • Higher operational and downstream representment costs
  • Avoidable chargeback volume

The Right Information. To the Right Parties. At the Right Time.

Order Insight is a patent-pending platform that connects cardholders, merchants and issuers to resolve billing confusion and disputes in real-time. Merchant CRM and enhanced order details are made available to the cardholder through the issuers’ mobile banking platform or contact-centre staff. Order Insight helps to reduce instances of true fraud and first-party/“friendly” fraud that lead to lost sales and unnecessary chargebacks for the merchant.

Order Insight for Merchants

How Order Insight Works

Order Insight is an end-to-end chargeback solution that empowers issuer personnel with unique cardholder transaction details in real-time, so that all parties can better recognise, remember and validate the sale. When a cardholder disputes a charge, Order Insight shares your direct contact details with the issuer and cardholder, a descriptive transaction history that includes product/service description, merchant name and device name. This transaction information is readily available to consumers at their fingertips through fully-integrated issuer mobile applications and online banking, providing answers to their questions immediately. If a consumer elects to call, the issuer can quickly resolve billing confusion and flag “true” or first-party/“friendly” fraud, so that you can retain sales and avoid losses to unwarranted chargebacks.

Merchant Wins

The Right Information

Provides comprehensive transaction details such as merchant names, product features, purchase history or device name to validate the sale:

• Eliminate unwarranted chargebacks
• Confirm buying decision/reduce billing confusion
• Identify fraud and stop first-party/ “friendly” fraud

To The Right Parties

Shared feedback loop between merchant, cardholder and issuer allows for better customer experience and ongoing process improvement:

• Cardholder self-service or first-call dispute resolution
• Reinforce brand image/preserve customer loyalty and retention
• Insight to improve order processes/operations

At The Right Time

Real-time data sharing between all parties help resolve disputes at the time they occur and head off issues downstream that drain your bottom line:

• Retain your sales revenue
• Proactive representment–compelling evidence details reduce disputes and  eliminate resource drain to recover legitimate sales
• Lower operational expenses & increase profits

Order Insight In Action

Robust Transaction Details Shared Through Order Insight

Order Insight delivers robust purchase details directly to the cardholder through the issuers’ mobile application/online banking channels and call centre staff to validate the sale and facilitate faster resolution and improved customer experience. For call centre inquiries that arise, issuers are equipped with the compelling evidence they need to flag unethical cardholders capitalising and manipulating gaps in the system or resolve the confusion created by vague descriptors before they spiral into costly chargebacks that directly impact your bottom line.


Product/Service: Name of the product or service purchased and other product details including size, colour, and quantity.

Use Case: Clarify descriptors & validate the sale

Example: The order was for a blue, ‘Sunshine’ summer dress, size 8.


Merchant: Name, address, customer service phone number and email address; plus relevant links, including terms and conditions, warranty information and return policies.

Use Case: Identify merchant & increase first call resolution

Example: The purchase was made at ‘Petite Trends’ online store at www.pt.co.uk.


Transaction and dispute history:
Cardholder activity including disputes files, refunds issued, account delinquency.

Use Case: Understand cardholder purchase history and identify repeat fraud offenders

Example: This purchase was made on 15/02/17, and it appears that this has been an active customer for the past 24 months.


Device name:
Device type and name and the details of the device used to make the purchase (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.).

Use Case: Connect the cardholder to the device

Example: The purchase was made on a mobile device named ‘Jane’s Xphone’.


Unique cardholder information:
Name, username, IP address, location, phone number, and email address included in the merchant’s customer profile.

Use Case: Match unique cardholder information with information in bank’s system

Example: The purchase was made on 17/05/16 using the email account [email protected], which matches the records in our system.

Reduce Dispute Volume, First Party Fraud and Chargebacks.

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Chargeback Revenue Recovery
Recover revenue lost to chargebacks


CDRN for Merchants
Stop chargebacks

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CDRN for Issuers
Improve chargeback operations

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Order Insight for Issuers
Quickly resolve cardholder inquiries

Verifi works with global financial institutions and merchants to deliver best-in-class chargeback prevention solutions.

Understanding the Broken Chargeback Process 86% of cardholders bypass the merchant and contact the issuer directly. In addition, most disputes are intentional “buyer-liar” fraud — which accounts for 25-40% of an online merchant’s total chargeback volume. Unfortunately, the issuer doesn’t have the critical transaction details needed to substantiate the legitimacy of the sale on the first call, and cannot determine:

  • True fraud or friendly fraud
  • Buyer’s remorse
  • Defective service
  • A legitimate refund issue
  • A simple case of descriptor confusion

The issuer is left with few options; since they can’t legitimise the transaction, they are forced to either start the dispute process or flag the transaction as fraud. This kicks off an expensive and convoluted process that costs merchants up to £9.5 Billion annually in:

  • Fees, penalties, and lost profits
  • Potential loss of processing rights
  • Increased operational costs
  • Increased fraud and chargebacks
  • Lost customers

There are other hidden costs that are not so easy to represent on the balance sheet, including:

  • Increased disputes
  • More friendly fraud
  • Risk of losing processing privileges
  • Double refunding
  • Stalled cash flow
  • Lost merchandise or digital services
  • Excessive representment costs
  • Negative brand associations
  • Zero opportunities to resolve the dispute
  • Resolve disputes quickly with a refund or a replacement

Order Insight fixes the current challenges to the process.

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